Gertie Bus is on Google Maps!

Steve Earle


Tuesday, February 27 2018

GERTIE is delighted to announce that we have recently been accepted into the Google Maps Transit program, so you can now look up our schedules in Google Maps.

Although we have tried hard to make our schedules simple and easy to understand, creating the ultimate schedule has proven a difficult task for GERTIE. We have routes and times but they change based on time of day and even seasonally. 

Throw all the different neighbourhoods into the mix and it can get confusing.  

Having the schedules in Google maps should make it easier for everyone.

To use it go to google maps ( enter your departure and arrival addresses and click on the transit icon towards the top left of the screen. 

Google will tell you when the next buses are coming that will get you from A to B.  If you’re trying to plan ahead you can also specify a different day and time (by clicking, ironically, on the “Leave now” button).

GERTIE is very grateful to Gabriolan George Wu for putting in dozens of volunteer hours to make this happen, and to the Google Transit team for their patience in working with a bus system that does things a little differently.