GERTIE celebrates the holidays

Susan Yates

GERTIE Biographer

Tuesday, December 20 2016

As of this writing, the GERTIE “Singing Bus” is full with a waiting list, and we’re pleased that Gus the Bus will transport carollers to see Christmas lights, with Leah Hokanson as our conductor. A break for hot drinks and cookies at the Commons will add the trimmings to our festive trip around the island. December 15 might be the coldest night of the year so far, but a full bus of festive singers brings a special kind of warmth to the Christmas season. Photo to the right sent in after the ride.

Herewith, an especially warm thank you to Joscelyn Hurst, who recently made a large donation in aid of an improved parking space for the GERTIE fleet at the Commons. The recent snowfalls and freezing temperatures have made parking difficult and we are very grateful for donations to create a better resting place for Gus, Blanche, Stealth-Gertie and Gertie-Noir.

Thanks also to Village Food Market for using GERTIE to transport Christmas party revellers on December 10 – Blanche and her driver were pleased to take two loads back and forth, keeping passengers safe and saving a few greenhouse gas emissions too.

 GERTIE is available for New Year’s celebrations - contact us at And for 2017, GERTIE will be helping to celebrate the year’s first baby with a free monthly pass for baby’s parents – we’re looking forward to seeing who that lucky family might be!