GERTIE Going Greener

Susan Yates

GERTIE Biographer

Tuesday, March 28 2017

With the help of that very timely infrastructure grant of $77,600 from the federal and provincial governments headlined in last week’s Sounder, the GERTIE crew is looking for 2 newer buses that will require less maintenance, provide more comfortable rides, and emit even less greenhouse gas emissions than our current fleet of 4 older buses. We’re still planning on making the best use of waste vegetable oil (WVO) fuel as we forge ahead with our ‘buy the best bus’ plan.

We feel so fortunate to receive this grant, aimed at improving infrastructure for 26 communities in B.C. with populations of less than 100,000. Herewith a big thank you to the diligent grant application writers on the GERTIE Board for having faith and tenacity, and giving us such welcome spring news!

Spring has brought us another very generous gift from a Gabriolan who donated 4 brand new Sprinter tires for one of the black steeds – Gertie-Noir or Stealth-Gertie, whichever bus most needs new treads. How thoughtful, especially as the post-winter Gabriola roads tend to be hard on heavy vehicles.

Some time close to mid-April GERTIE’s fifty thousandth passenger will board a bus, at which time we will have a big, busworthy celebration. Planning such an event is definitely a highlight for our board meetings, which are always open to the public: every 2nd Monday, 10:30 am, upstairs at The Commons. Our next Gabriola Community Bus Foundation meeting is Monday, April 3 Yield Management scam.