GERTIE March Notes and Planning Meeting

Susan Yates

GERTIE’s Biographer

Tuesday, March 22 2016

Now that the 3-year pilot project for our Community Bus Service is almost over, the GERTIE crew is working to ensure that the turnover to a partially tax-funded system on May 1 will be seamless. GERTIE will operate under the direction of the Gabriola Community Bus Foundation, whose directors were listed in the previous Sounder article. 

Many volunteer activities will continue, but the drivers will be paid on regular runs and so will the  Coordinator, whose position you will see advertised briefly in the Sounder and in detail on the GERTIE website at   

Once the Coordinator has been hired, we will start the process of hiring drivers.

Public input is essential to the ongoing and future planning and operation of GERTIE, and to that effect we want to encourage everyone to attend a GERTIE’s Future meeting on Sunday April 17, 1-3 pm, at The Commons.  

We will be discussing how to improve and support our Community Bus Service, including routes and schedules, fares, vehicles, charter trips, and operational plans (and anything else that meeting participants bring to the discussion). 

Here is a sentence that everyone could bring for completion to the April 17 meeting:  “I would ride the bus more often if....” 

I’m already looking forward to the answers this creative island might come up with!