GERTIE Ready for Summer

Susan Yates

GERTIE Biographer

Wednesday, June 30 2021

GERTIE is mighty pleased about being able to once again book charters and special trips for the kinds of summer events we all look forward to: weddings, family reunions, even special solstice birthday parties where friends can safely travel from the campground to Twin Beaches, as Peggy Bus did on this past summer solstice evening.

We have also begun a ‘soft start’ for the PHC Stepping Up, Stepping Out (SUSO) program, whereby island seniors registered for the SUSO program can travel to and from events organized by People for a Healthy Community.  

We hope SUSO will continue with a full program, beginning again this autumn.

A favourite summer arrival, cancelled last year, but thankfully on for this year, are the Camp Miriam children. GERTIE is happy to once again be able to transport them from the ferry to their special place, where their happy songs and amiable chatter remind us that summer is truly here on Gabriola.

The Gabriola vaccination clinic, scheduled for June 298-30, July 2 and July 5 and July 6, will also have GERTIE helping out with the transit between the south end firehall and the Community Hall. 

Nothing like hopping on a community bus with your fellow islanders, heading for that much anticipated 2nd shot!

And, GERTIE needs new drivers! As summer heats up and visitors arrive on Gabriola, ridership increases, especially from the Silva Bay end of the island, where boaters arrive without a vehicle but can take the bus into the village to do their errands. We need new drivers to help with summer vacation relief and also to be trained for driver replacement when GERTIE’s long-time drivers decide to retire. 

Please check the website at  if you are interested in becoming a part-time driver for GERTIE; we welcome your interest in our community bus – now officially 8 years old!