GERTIE Schedule Changes for New Year

Susan Yates

GERTIE Biographer

Tuesday, December 29 2015

Starting Monday January 4 the GERTIE schedule will revert back to the traditional schedule, dropping the pick-up at the 6:35pm ferry, and going back to two buses for the 3:45pm ferry pick-up. The current number of passengers for the late commuter run is too low to continue that run, at least for now, and we know that long-time GERTIE-riders would like the two buses back for the first afternoon commuter run.

We hope folks will continue to take advantage of the loonie winter special: if the bus is going directly (as per its schedule) up or down the ferry hill to or from the village, you can hop on for a loonie.

GERTIE had a rollicking round-the-island musical adventure last Thursday following the Senior’s Lunch at the Rollo Centre. Thanks to Joyce Ashley for arranging the Rollo end of things, and a harmonious thanks to Leah Hokanson for joyfully leading the singing seniors aboard Blanche. Thanks also to the Health Auxiliary (Gabe Shop) for funding this Gertie-Lift adventure.

As we approach the GERTIE referendum on February 13, we want to remind Gabriolans that we will have two Question & Answer sessions beforehand: the first on January 9 at 2 pm at The Commons, and the second on January 31 at 1 pm at the Community Hall.  Please bring all of your questions regarding  GERTIE’s 3 year pilot project and the future of our Community Bus service. We want to ensure that everyone is well-informed before the referendum on February 13.