GERTIE’s Summer Schedule Begins May 23

Susan Yates

GERTIE Biographer

Tuesday, May 9 2017

Following the long weekend in May GERTIE will begin the summer schedule, with 2 small changes: the first run in the morning on the B route will start 5 minutes earlier in order to make sure that passengers will get to their early morning ferry.  All mid-day runs will be scheduled to meet the ferry that arrives at 9:50 am from Nanaimo.  Thanks to our regular passengers who suggest these helpful schedule tweaks.

The mid-day runs will begin for Wednesday and Friday, the same as last summer, and the later Saturday afternoon route, which was popular last year, will again be added for the summer. Otherwise the schedule will remain the same, as consistency works for everyone!

GERTIE looks forward to greeting visitors and summer riders who enjoy taking advantage of a ride up the ferry hill, a tour around the island, a connection with Silva Bay, or a relaxing trip into the village for  shopping and lunch dates.