GIRO Board election can only be at AGM

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, October 15 2013

There will be no election of the GIRO Board until an AGM is held by the Gabriola Island Recycling Organization in the new year, according to the chair of the GIRO meeting held this past Tuesday night.

A motion had been advertised in the paper by GIRO member Jacinthe Eastick, in which she stated her intent to ask there be an election of the board.

Nancy Hetherington-Peirce, who chaired the meeting, said the motion was out of order as, according to the GIRO bylaws, an election can only happen at the GIRO Annual General Meeting (AGM).

She explained after the meeting that the GIRO bylaws require the AGM include a presentation of the organization’s financial report - which would be written after the GIRO fiscal year ends on Dec. 31, 2013.

This, given the time it usually takes to prepare such a report, would put the AGM date in late March according to Nancy.

It was brought up that in the early days of GIRO there had been an extraordinary election of the board. Nancy said in that case it had involved the entire board quitting at the same time.

She said the difference in the case of the current board was that three members had stayed on the board - the minimum number required for GIRO to maintain its “good standing” status as a non-profit organization in British Columbia.

Those three members were then able to appoint the current board members to stand until the next GIRO AGM.