GIRO has a new roof

Michelle MacEwen

General Manager

Tuesday, August 1 2017

In April this year, GIRO looked into replacing the roof on the old building, which is now into its twenty-seventh year. We wanted to create a more seamless look between the new and old building which several builders referred to as “the beauty and the beast.” 

We applied to the RDN (Regional District of Nanaimo) to help fund the project and were given approval for $25,000, which would cover half of the overall costs. Regional Director Howard Houle was our liaison and key to the success in receiving these funds.

With several contractors bidding on the job we chose Evan Piggott of Gabriola Roofing to take on the project. Evan’s crew is, for the most part, himself and Joe Mair. They have been working together on Gabriola since 2009, and prior to that in Vancouver.

They worked on non-depot days to strip off the old roof, which we either re-purposed for islanders to buy, or recycled into the steel bin. Some additional polycarbonate panels were added to dock areas and the covered tool room in the store where the extra light is appreciated.

With the new roof complete we can safely say that GIRO is fast becoming the fanciest looking recycling depot in BC.

Thank you to Evan and his crew for all their hard work, and to the RDN and the Gabriola community for their continued support.