Golf Report for July 5, 2016

Dan Eliuk

Gabriola Golf Club

Tuesday, July 5 2016

Ladies Sole Survivor was held on Sunday June 26th.  Nine ladies signed up for the challenge.  Mike O’Rourke & Mike Garrett were the officiators.  The aim of the game is not to lose the hole.  Starting off at hole one we all tee off and then proceed up the fairway hitting our ball as we go.  Upon getting to the green we start with the closest to the hole and we put until we are in the hole.  The person with the worst score is eliminated from the game and the rest go on to the next hole.  Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley was the first eliminated.  She did receive her entrance fee back as a consolation prize.  Slowly the ladies were whittled down until on the 18th tee Jan Sabine and Bev Bickerton were the only two left.  They got to the green with no mistakes and Bev Bickerton was left with a putt to tie Jan Sabine but missed the putt and Jan Sabine came out the big winner with Bev Bickerton second.  We think having a caddie might be the secret and so will all work at having one for next year.  Great fun for us all!  

Ladies Day was a beautiful day.  We had 14 ladies come out and play.  12 who played 18 holes, and 2 who played nine holes.  It was net pin round and Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley and Bev Bickerton tied with a low net of 76.

Men’s Day had 20 Players. In the low handicap group, Mike O’Rourke was the low gross winner with a score of 83 and Mike Garrett was the low net winner with a 71. In the high handicap group, Dixon Kenny won low gross with a 97 and Varley Bunn won low net with a 73. The K.P. was won by George MacLean. The pool winners were the 2 Mikes for the low handicap and Andre Lemieux and Dixon for the high handicap.

The Friday Guy’s had another good day for golf! We were down to 15 guys playing. two were on get well leave and three for other reasons. Don Switzer won with a net 67. Bill Reynolds next with 68 and Alex Hart with a 69. Dick Sharples took home our Masked Monkey Mascot with three 3 putts. One guy had a four putt.     

The Men’s Amateur is now only just over a week away, so get your registration form in now!

Until next week happy golfing.