Golf Report for July 5, 2016

Dan Eliuk

Gabriola Golf Club

Tuesday, July 12 2016

It was a grey day last Tuesday for Ladies Day, but 13 ladies came out and we only had a short sprinkle. We played putts only, which means we kept track of our putts and the person with the lowest number of putts for 18 holes wins. Lesley Hazeldine won with 31 putts with Julie Stewart & Sharon Errington tied for second. We then counted just the back nine as we had a nine hole player come out. We had a three way tie with Julie Stewart, Sharon Errington and Claire Lefebvre. 

It was a beautiful sunny day to play golf on Men’s Day this past Wednesday and although 17 players came out it seems that golf took a holiday. Everyone shot a high score, there was no one that hit the green for the KP, and it was decided that to avoid the embarrassment of reporting the names, that we just say better luck next time. So maybe next week, but we did have fun and the view from the deck was great. 

 As Canada Day came in over Hogan Lake & the Coats farm with a little bit of a drizzling rain, the Friday Guys were ready to golf. Ted Caldwell led the way with a great net 65 followed by Bob Higginbottom, Andre Lemieux, Don McCollum and Mike Wayman with net 66’s. The four will break the tie next Friday. Ted Caldwell also won the Masked Monkey Mascot with three 3 putts in his round. Happy golfing!