Golf Report for June 14, 2016

Dan Eliuk

Gabriola Golf Club

Tuesday, June 14 2016

Ladies Day had 12 players come out to play Pink Ball. In this game each group of three is given a pink ball, the ladies take turns playing the ball and the score for the pink ball is recorded on a separate line. If the ball is lost during the game then that team is eliminated. The final score of the pink ball is calculated using the net handicap of the three ladies in each group. Olga Korinek, Carole Lemieux and Michelle Marks arrived with their pink ball and a net score of 86. 

The next two teams lost the pink ball on the course and were eliminated from the game. The first team was getting excited about a win when the last team came in with the pink ball. The score was added up and the last team snuck in a victory with a net 81. Congratulations to Barb Gillen, Lucille Hendry and Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley. They had great fun looting the prize box.

Eighteen guys came out for Men’s Day. In the low handicap group, Al Tanner was the low gross winner with a score of 90 and Russ LaBelle was the low net winner with a 69. In the high handicap group, Bill Reynolds was the low gross winner with a 95 and Varley Bunn was the low net winner with a 66. George Maclean was the K.P. winner. The pool winners were Alex Hart and Ted Caldwell for the high handicap and Russ and Don McCollum for the low handicap.

Our Friday Group was greeted by Miranda, our club’s very dedicated volunteer manager and president, at a busy first tee box this morning. 

Our regular five groups were mostly full. Mike Garrett with a net 65 was our best golfer. Alex Hart and Don McCollum tied for second with net 72. 

Our masked monkey mascot was given to George MacLean for his four 3 putts. Four other players donated to our pool with a 4 or more putt on one hole.  

Until next week, happy golfing!