Island Futures’ thermal camera

Island Futures

Press Release

Tuesday, February 13 2018

Are you wondering where that cold draft is coming from? Are your walls dry inside? Do you want to save energy and keep your Hydro bill as low as possible? Are you concerned about electrical hot spots?

If you have questions like these or if you’re simply curious, come to the Gabriola Library on February 17th at 10:30 a.m. to learn about the new FLIR C2 Thermal Imaging Camera and and moisture pen. Our Gabriola librarians have generously agreed to host these new tools so Gabriolans can check them out for their own use.

Fay Weller and Jan Pullinger from Island Futures, the group that purchased the camera and pen, will describe how to use them to scan for heat loss, electrical hot spots, or moisture in your building structure. With these tools, Gabriolans can detect and fix problems before they get bigger.

Following a brief presentation, Bob Andrew - who is an experienced Gabriola builder - will offer insights and answer questions about what to do when the camera finds problem areas. 

The thermal imaging camera is pocket sized and designed for a wide range of building as well as electrical or mechanical applications. It’s not hard to use and will locate hidden hotspots, energy waste, and structural defects. The small pen is just as easy to use to find damp spots hidden in your building. 

These new devices are the most recent investment in our community by Island Futures. 

Island Futures is a local organization that supports ideas generated through Sustainable Gabriola. It works towards community self-sufficiency, ensuring our social and economic systems provide adequately for a diverse population and that we live in ways that protect and preserve the natural environment that sustains us. 

As well as purchasing the new camera and pen, Island Futures has played a key role in developing GERTIE, converting used deep-fry oil into clean biodiesel and GLEAN all-purpose soap, the creation of a truck-share co-op, the popular Heat Pump initiative, the Gabriola Greenhouse Gas Inventory, and the new Gabriola Co-op Network.