Jaya’s ride on GERTIE

Susan Yates

GERTIE Biographer

Tuesday, September 9 2014

In late August, seven-year-old Jaya came to Gabriola to visit his Grandma Emily, who lives in the Bertha Road neighbourhood. One morning Jaya saw the GERTIE bus go by and thought of a plan: the next morning he and Grandma would get on GERTIE, ride to the Village, go for breakfast at Robert’s (with money his mum had given him to treat Grandma), walk to the museum, then take GERTIE back home.

A delightful plan, but with one hitch – next morning was Wednesday – the a.m. part of the plan would work, but GERTIE doesn’t run midday on Wednesdays. That didn’t faze Jaya, who came up with a modified plan: meet GERTIE early in the morning at Horseshoe and North Road, get on the bus by himself, Grandma Emily takes her car to the village where they meet, and proceed with the second half of the plan using Grandma’s car to get home.

Special thanks to volunteer driver Duane West who had Jaya sit up front with him, making a youngster’s very first ride on public transit a very positive one, and thank you to Emily Macomber for sharing her summer GERTIE story with us.