Lifting Our Spirit, Living in Ceremony

Maureen Wild

Gabriola Ecumenical Society

Tuesday, September 5 2017

Beginning a new year of programs (and often with new island residents who are just getting to know the community) it’s a good time to be reminded of our GES mission to this community: “… to encourage and nurture spiritual questing. Our programs invite exploration of traditional and contemporary ideas found in the wisdom of religious traditions, spiritual paths and the sciences. The Gabriola Ecumenical Society fosters inclusive community where all people explore challenges of our times with imagination, creativity, and with respect and compassion for all creation.” 

We’ve indeed been heartened over the years by the participation of so many Gabriolans within our programs, as guest presenters and attendees – experiencing our unity of spirit in so many beautiful and meaningful ways of spiritual questing.

Inspired and energized by the chosen theme for our upcoming monthly programs – Lifting Our Spirit, Living in Ceremony – we extend a wholehearted invitation to come to our first one on Sunday, September 10, 4pm at the Netloft (1960 Murray Rd). After an enriching time in Europe, Leah Hokanson returns to us with the fruits of her creative work. She will guide this first program of the year which she has titled, ‘Invocations: a community chanting.’

Invocations is an invitation to chant together in community some newly composed musical settings of ecstatic texts by Rumi, Hafiz, Walt Whitman, Hildegard of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, and many others. The music was composed by Leah and draws on the uplifting simplicity of the Taize tradition.  

An invocation is a calling upon, an appeal – to God, Spirit, Source, the Muse – and also to an energy (healing, for example), or a quality. Be it a request for help, a gesture of praise, or a desire for more presence, clarity, and compassion – an invocation can be a portal to the transcendent. 

We hope to see you there. As always, we welcome donations at the door and suggest $10 or more if you can. Donations are the primary support enabling our programs.

For more information about all current and past programs: 

Annual membership to the GES is also possible for any who wish. See the website to sign up. All are welcome to our programs whether a member or not.