Light therapy lamps added to library

Vancouver Island Regional Library

Press Release

Tuesday, March 20 2018

The Gabriola Island branch of Vancouver Island Regional Library has added light therapy lamps to its public space. Light therapy lamps, sometimes referred to as SAD Lamps, are used to help reduce symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder and can be especially helpful during the dark winter months where there may not be as much sunlight in the forecast. 

“This is a project I’ve wanted to undertake for a very long time as the idea of making light therapy lamps available in a free, public setting is one that makes a lot of sense to me. Libraries provide access to materials that people may not choose to purchase for themselves – it’s not a stretch to add a light therapy lamp to that list, as they can be prohibitively expensive,” says Gabriola Island Librarian, Amy Dawley. 

“I pitched this idea to our wonderful Friends of the Library late last year and they were so supportive. I was being very prudent asking them to purchase just one lamp, and they loved the idea so much they convinced me that adding two to the branch would be a better choice. They were so right.”

The branch consulted with Dr. Francois Bosman, Physician Lead of the Gabriola Chapter of Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice, who expressed support on behalf of local physicians and noted that having readily accessible lamps in the community has the potential of benefitting many people. 

The two lamps have been placed in the reading corner of the Gabriola Island branch and are available for customers to use during regular library open hours.