Lions donate $4,000 to PHC Food Bank


Press Release

Monday, June 23 2014

Submitted photo: Lions Club members Graham Miller and Bill Kalbfleisch join Brenda Fowler in viewing some of the fresh fruits and vegetables that food bank coordinator Sacha Petersen will purchase from Village Food Market manager Wayne Howard. 


The Gabriola Lions Club is helping People for a Healthy Community (PHC) provide healthy food options for Gabriolans in need by donating $4,000 to the food bank. The generosity of the Gabriola Lions Club will allow PHC to purchase one ton of fruit, vegetables and protein.

PHC receives over 18 tons of food annually. Every week volunteers at the food bank work with staff to match what we have available to what families need. It is always a challenge to create a balanced food basket. To that end, we spend over $13,000 every year on fruits, vegetables and protein, much of which we buy locally from Village Foods and local food producers.

Food bank coordinator Sacha Petersen said, “The support from the Lions Club is a huge relief since we struggle every day to find ways to raise money for a program that is ongoing. 

“Donating to the food bank is a practical way to help 120 families weekly who have trouble making ends meet.”

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