Mudge Island annual fundraiser nets $9,000

Chad Giesbrecht

Mudge Island Citizens Society

Tuesday, August 19 2014

As in past years, the Mudge Island Citizens Society hosted an auction to raise funds for fire/emergency equipment, and worked toward the common goal of a facility to house this equipment. 

And once again community members along with local artists and business’ donated items for auction, with outstanding results. 

There was a bit of everything available, from locally grown produce to handmade furniture to tools and building materials. The crowd was entertained by The Blue Tattoo blues band, and The Glen Miller Orchestra. There was food and fun, and then the main event, the auction. 

Dean Clarke did a great job as auctioneer, bringing in well over $5000! And after clothing sales, generous donations etc, there was over $9000 pulled in. On top of all of that, Mr Hugh Barton donated more than $1500 with an annual fundraiser him and his family do all on their own.  All in all it was a very worthwhile day, and M.I.C.S. is that much further along in their efforts to provide and maintain safety equipment for the community. 

The society would like to thank all those from Mudge, Gabriola, and beyond for the continued support. Some of which get behind this event every year. So if that was you, please accept a pat on the back for your efforts. 

The Mudgekins love you. And a special thank you to Miss Peacock, you are very generous and your community appreciates you very much.