Museum’s GERTIE tours are back for 2017

Alison Douglas

Gabriola Museum

Tuesday, July 4 2017

Have you heard about Gossip Corner? Where was the first ferry dock and why? Back by popular demand are the Gabriola Historical and Museum Society tours led by Danna Lewis, a native Gabriolan, who can tell a great story and keep you entertained during the whole tour.

Past participants say it all:

George Szanto: “Last year on GERTIE, Kit and I did the museum tour of the north part of Gabriola, and are very glad to have done so. It was revelatory both in the bits of geography we saw, and re-saw, and in the moments of the island’s past we learned about from our knowledgeable guide, an old Gabriola hand. We thought we had driven along every road and down every lane on the island, but the guide found for us small unknown corners and told us stories about the people who had first lived in certain homes. An altogether satisfying historical and gossipy tour.”

Anne Drozd: “We learned things about Gabriola that I did not know and that helped me understand the island as it is today....and had a delightful time at the same time.” 

Mark Smith: “The tour (of the south end, in heavy rain) was well worthwhile. I’ve lived here for 12 years and I learned a steady stream of facts and general history of the island and its people. I’ll take the north end tour when I see it’s available.”

Starting July 9 and happening every Sunday in a shared venture with GERTIE running naturalist tours on the alternate Sundays, we begin again. More information and tickets are available at North Road Sports and the Gabriola Museum. Seating is limited, register today! Call the museum at 250-247-9987.