New Exhibit: the Inner Life of Clams & Other Bivalves

Carroll Hodge

Gabriola Museum

Wednesday, September 23 2015

“Before I did this exhibit, a clam was just meat inside a shell. Now I know it can swim, deter predators; I know its habitat.” 

Connor Reid, age 10, has installed his bivalves exhibit at the Gabriola Museum, next to the existing BeachQuest marine exhibit. He’s interested in exploring the smaller organisms of the ocean, rather than the more popular marine animals like dolphins and whales. He wants to dig into the things people don’t know about - like the importance of harvesting enough clams from Brickyard Beach so that the beach does not become overpopulated with clams. 

He designed the exhibit originally as a class assignment for Ms. Kate Reynold’s class at Gabriola Elementary School. With encouragement from marine biologists Edith Kraus and Ken Cripps, Connor took his research further and expanded his exhibit to include safe harvesting as well as habitat. Christy Wilson, a marine biology educator, advised him on how to teach people about the ocean. He then went on to present at both Oceans Day and a local kids’ camp of groups aged five to fifteen. 

The exhibit includes a touch box with a varied selection of shells. It can be viewed at the Gabriola Museum on weekends from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. through Thanksgiving Day. Visit us online at: