One step closer to a home for Tool Library

Patsy Ludwick

Tool Library

Tuesday, January 30 2018

If you have wondered what’s happening to the tools that were generously donated to the Gabriola Tool Library (GTL), the answer is: volunteers are busy creating a web-based inventory, in preparation for the spring opening of a place to call home. 

The priority now is to construct a small building, easily accessible, where the tools can stay safe and dry. After negotiations with the Gabriola Commons Foundation, a site has been approved - behind the hedge across from the school. You’ll find it marked with surveyor’s tape beside the path to the house.

Volunteers have also come forward to help plan the building - wood frame with metal roofing, with light, heat and Wi-Fi access, approximately 12 feet by 9 feet - just inside the limit allowed by the RDN building code without a permit. 

Construction will begin as soon as funds are available and the weather permits.

The folks who’ve been hard at work organizing the tool library are delighted to report that both the Gabriola Lions and the Mid Island Co-op have offered financial support toward the building fund. Throughout the month of February, volunteers will be out and about in the Village, seeking support from individuals to complete the funding for materials needed to open the tool library this spring. 

Tools in good condition are still being accepted, and volunteers for any of the society’s activities are more than welcome. And if you missed the Fix-it Fair in January, never fear, there’ll be another one soon. You can contact the GTL at