One week left to sign up for PAC Christmas Craft Sale

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, June 9 2015

One week remains for vendors to sign up for the Gabriola Elementary School (GES) PAC Christmas Craft Sale.

The sale happens this coming December 5.

If it seems a bit early to be talking about Christmas (as summer has only just started to arrive), Julie Sperber of the Parents’ Advisory Council explained the PAC’s reasons for the changes happening this year.

She said the PAC moved the sign-up to June to help vendors better predict what they are already registered for. The feedback Sperber and other organizers had received was that it was hard for vendors to plan what other Christmas sales to take part in when they didn’t know if they were going to be in for the GES sale.

“The bigger shows are often registered before summer, so if the vendors are trying to keep that weekend free [for the GES sale] and don’t know if they’re in the show till late October, early November, it’s hard to plan.”

Going to a 15-day drop-off form rather than the one-day lineup of previous years was another change made, one which again came from feedback from vendors.

Sperber said, “The previous way to sign up was just getting earlier and earlier and the PAC felt it was cutting out some artisans because some people couldn’t line up at 5:00 a.m. [young families and people commuting for example].

“The lineup was specific to people who could get there and get the best spot. We leveled the playing field a bit.”

This marks the first time for close to a decade that Laura Handford won’t be organizing the vendors. Sperber said with a change in who was doing the organizing, this year was seen as the year to make the “big” changes.

Anyone wanting to be a vendor has until Monday, June 15, at 3:00 p.m. (when the school office closes) to sign up.

So far, said Sperber, the response has been positive.

“A lot of the bases as far as arts and crafts are covered.

“But I think if there were young or emerging artists who haven’t signed up yet, they shouldn’t be intimidated.

“This year we have more options and less expensive tables with a different configuration of the rooms. We’re using two of the classrooms as well as the gym, so there shouldn’t be a wait list. Everyone who signs up should in theory be accommodated.”

For those who are familiar with the GES sale, the usual bottleneck at the entranceway will be gone, as rooms down both hallways are going to be used this year for the sale, and the silent auction will be better adjusted to the space as well.

As Sperber explained, having more space for more vendors should mean everyone who signs up should get in.

“We use to have five to six on a wait list, but we have 12 new vendor spots.”