Pet Friends celebrating one year of helping animal owners with bills

Penny Sidor and Lisa Millard

Press Release

Wednesday, October 16 2019

Well that went fast - Pet Friends has completed its first year. How did that happen?

Thanks to generous donations of cash from animal-loving Gabriolans, a collaborative fundraiser sponsored by the Coastal Community Credit Union and the Skol Pub, and tons of returnable bottles and cans, Pet Friends has made 30 payouts for animal care, totalling just over $6,000.  

We’ve assisted with basic care - groomings, flea control, spay/neuter, vaccinations, food...and more complicated stuff like dentals, emergency surgeries, broken bones…and some funny ones, like a cat with a piece of grass up her nose and a puppy that ate a bowl of rising bread dough. 

Our clients have been seniors; disabled, unemployed and underemployed folk; and other good folk having bad times - all people who adore and need their animals.

 Pet Friends would like to extend thanks to Nester’s for taking our bags of returnables, and to our local BC Liquor Store for taking literally truckloads of bottles and cans. Over the summer, it proved an overwhelming amount, but staff of both were unfailingly helpful, cheerful and cooperative. (OMG - not her again!)

 Big thanks to Daryl and Stephanie McCullough of Heart Healthy Pet Treats - they’ve welcomed Pet Friends at their market stall all summer long.

 Thanks also to Twin Cedars Vet Clinic, Raven Feeds, Scissor Shack, Flying Fur Grooming and Salty Dog Grooming.

 Our donors of cash and returnables are too numerous to mention here, but, we will find a way to honour you publicly – meanwhile, we and the animals sing, bark and meow our praises of you. Thank you all.

 Pet Friends ventures into our second year, confident that we will be able to assist our local furry friends. Please keep the returnables coming our way. Should you wish to assist by donating directly, our account is at the Coastal Community Credit Union. 

Blessings to all at Thanksgiving.