RDN’s Descanso Park winter maintenance involves removal of cedars and toilet replacement

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Wednesday, October 16 2019

The cedar trees in Descanso Bay Regional Park will be getting trimmed back this winter as the Regional District of Nanaimo deals with the die-back in the park.

Yann Gagnon, Manager for RDN Parks, was reporting to the Area B Parks and Open Spaces Advisory Committee on October 7.

He said a recent arborist report was prepared, identifying which trees would need to be removed, and what could be done to restore the park.

The work - removal and restoration - is scheduled to take place this fall and winter during the campground’s low season.

Asked what was meant by restoration, Gagnon said indigenous species which are known to do better in the thin soil and longer dryer summers will be planted.

“We will be gearing the plant species to what the environmental conditions are.”

Asked if it will impact any of the raptor nesting or perch trees in the park, Gagnon said those nesting trees are protected and will be left alone, so long as the arborist finds no risk to the public.

“Risk to public supersedes protection...it’s always based on risk of failure.”

Also planned for the slow season is a replacement of a number of the toilets at Descanso. These will include more accessible toilets, and ones which are built to a new style and standard adopted by the RDN, such as the ones installed at Horne Lake Regional Park.