Report dead raptors to GROWLS

Liz Ciocea

Gabriola Rescue of Wildlife Society

Wednesday, March 27 2019

GROWLS has been asked to participate in a study any of dead raptors found on Gabriola Island. Here is a list of species of concern. 

1) Our collection criteria for Rodenticide testing is as follows:

- Barred Owl, Great-horned owl, Barn owl

- Red-tailed Hawk, Cooper’s Hawks, Peregrine Falcon

- Bald Eagles from Landfills and surrounding areas

- Any species suspected of Rodenticide poisoning with valid symptoms (ie. extensive hemorrhaging).

2) Our collection criteria for our Lead Study is as follows:

- Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles, Common Raven, Turkey Vulture 

- Any Raptor species suspected of lead poisoning

GROWLS needs the help of islanders so if you are out and about on the island and you should find a dead raptor please call GROWLS emergency number 250 714-7101 or Liz Ciocea 250 247-8805 so arrangements can be made to secure the bird. 

The bird will then be transported to Nanaimo for testing.