Ribbon cut on new park on Mudge Island

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, October 3 2017

Officials and Mudge residents gathered on September 23 to cut the ribbon on a new park for Mudge Island - the second community park purchase by the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN). The board voted in favour of purchasing the park in September 2016.

 The property, on the north end of Mudge Island, overlooks Dodd Narrows. It was purchased almost 50 years ago by Captain Robert Littlejohn. It was sold to the RDN by his son Scott.

Cutting the ribbon were Scott, fellow islander Jes Anderson, as well as Jenni Gehlbach of the Gabriola Land and Trails Trust, and Howard Houle, RDN Director for Electoral Area B (Gabriola Mudge, DeCourcy islands). Scott explained in his letter to Mudge residents that when his father purchased the property, “he had no desire to build a cottage or home for himself at Dodd Narrows -  because he was a boater. 

“He valued, treasured and fiercely protected this spot for the jewel that it has always been. And he was so very proud to be its guardian until the end of his days.”

Capt. Littlejohn died four years ago. Scott wrote, “I have no doubt whatsoever, that from his vantage point now, he is here among us and extraordinarily happy to see this gathering of people who share the deep love and enthusiasm he had for Mudge – people who came together to see this special place protected as a park.”

Houle said on the purchase of the park that “this is an exciting acquisition for all those who visit and live on Mudge Island.

“The public has been enjoying this piece of property for years thanks to the generosity of the former owners and now that they have allowed the RDN to purchase the lot, we can ensure continued public access for years to come.”

Lot 25 Ling Cod Lane is a .55 acre property that fronts on Dodd Narrows across from the City of Nanaimo’s Joan Point Park. The lot was purchased for $235,000 by the RDN, with support by donations from the Mudge Island Land Trust Association ($8,000) and Gabriola Land and Trails Trust ($10,000).

The RDN will now begin the process of developing a management plan for the park, which will include creating the park’s official plan.