Streamkeepers find proof of salmon spawning in Mallet Creek

Melanie Mamoser

Gabriola Streamkeepers

Monday, March 24 2014

During a stream assessment of Mallet Creek in January, the Gabriola Streamkeepers discovered newly hatched salmon near the mouth of Mallet Creek (for a map of the location of Mallet Creek see 

The photo to the right (courtesy Jethro Baker) was sent to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada Community Advisor and she indicated that it was most likely a Coho alevin (newly-hatched salmon with egg-yolk still attached).  Perhaps more importantly, the streamkeepers were told that a salmon at this life-stage should not have been found swimming in January, and that the heavy rains during the prior two weeks had probably washed the alevins out of their protective gravel habitat.  She also suggested several methods of mitigating storm water runoff to stabilize the spawning beds. The finding of the alevin is conclusive evidence that adult salmon are returning to Mallet Creek to lay their eggs. The Gabriola Streamkeepers are motivated to ensure that the fish continue to return. Their first course of action is to complete a year-long assessment of the health of the stream to characterize its physical structure and record water quality before any work can be done.

If you would like to learn more about how Streamkeepers assess the health of a stream, we invite you to join us for a habitat assessment of Winthuysen Creek at the Descanso Bay Campground on Sunday March 30th from 1-3pm.

Newsflash! March 23 2014—chum fry in Dick Brook

alevin pic hereMelanie says "…Jethro [Baker] and I went to check out Dick Brook March 23 and found hundreds of chum salmon fry swimming around. So we can officially say we have TWO SALMON BEARING STREAMS on Gabriola!"