Target Tansy Ragwort, with caution

Randy Young

Gabriola Land and Trails Trust

Tuesday, August 5 2014

Sunday, August 10, we need to do a ‘do it yourself’ work party on the street in front of your house, because Tansy is everywhere. 

Tansy Ragwort is poisonous to livestock, including alpacas, if it gets into the hay. The animals are smart enough to avoid it in a pasture.

Many have pulled the Tansy and thrown it onto the road, resulting in a spread on the road side all over Gabriola. Please pull off the flowers, and then pull the plant from all the road allowances in your neighbourhood. 

The flowers stored in a big black garbage bag behind your garage will become good compost by next spring. 

Do watch for a Cinnabar  caterpillar on the blossoms. It should be left alone as it is the natural control of the Tansy. 

If you are going to do some serious road clearing, please come and borrow one of the GaLTT safety vests.