Trevor Gear is GERTIE’s New Coordinator

Susan Yates

GERTIE Biographer

Tuesday, April 19 2016

The GERTIE crew is thrilled to announce that Trevor Gear has been hired for the key operational position of Coordinator for our Community Bus Service, starting May 1.

Trevor has been doing many of the duties for this job since July 2015, and he’s ready to gear up for more.

Trevor first learned about GERTIE in a very organic way, from the ground up, so to speak. A couple of years ago he arranged to have visiting WWOOFERs “Gertied” to and from the ferry to his south end farm. (How can a wordsmith not love Trevor’s neologistic verb?) 

Soon after that, Trevor offered his services as a volunteer driver, and later as backup for Coordinator Steve Polzin. 

They worked so well together that Steve was able to “retire” from that position and let Trevor take over, much to everyone’s satisfaction.

We all appreciate Trevor Gear’s community spirit – in fact, it’s an attribute that makes him an ideal volunteer driver, Coordinator, and member of the GERTIE team. Trevor likes working in a non-hierarchical way to maintain and improve a service that we hope reflects more and more of our island’s character.

All of us who work with Trevor admire his passion for farming, his homesteading skills and his professional training as a clown (class of 2003, Clown Conservatory, San Francisco). It’s no joke that Trevor’s formidable juggling skills fortify his abilities to work with complicated schedules and the many different personalities that make up an island community.

Trevor’s fearless and forthright “hands-on” approach to bus maintenance and repair has served us well to date, and he has given many volunteer hours to the investigation of bio-diesel, alternative fuels and greener transportation options. 

His personal dedication to the betterment of our environment and social systems will serve all of us well into the future, and we know that the GERTIE team will be ready for future challenges with the right “Gear” in place.