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Wednesday, February 13 2019

Individuals as change-makers…island governance and autonomy…sandstone honeycombs and fading petroglyphs…  

The museum is committed to encouraging discussion. We look for subjects relevant and interesting to Gabriolans and draw on the wealth of expertise and the knowledge of experts in our midst.

Over the next three months, starting in February, we are sponsoring talks by such experts as Fay Weller and Mary Wilson, Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley, and Nick Doe.  

 On February 21, Fay and Mary present their hands-on, interactive workshop to guide individuals in making local changes that, as they say, can cascade into large-scale social transformation.

On March 21, Dyan will explain what she has learned in the process of her PhD research about Gabriola as a testing ground for a range of forms of governance and the evidence of local innovation and autonomy.  

On April 18, Nick describes his research into what is happening right here and now with Gabriola’s sandstone formations as well as with other geological phenomena that make our island such a wonderful place for wandering, exploring and pondering.

Plus: Museum AGM on March 2, time to be confirmed.

Do mark your calendar:

Feb. 21: Fay Weller and Mary Wilson

Mar. 21: Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley

Apr. 18: Nick Doe

All at The Roxy at 7pm.

Entrance by donation.