$20,000 donated to Gabriola thru Village Food Market program

Jane Krul, Owner

Village Food Market

Tuesday, November 22 2016

As the year winds up, so does the 2016 Community Card program at Village Food Market. Thanks to the amazing support of Gabriolans, we have been able to donate $20,000 to five worthwhile organizations.

• The ROLLO Centre - $5,000 - The ROLLO Centre offers a wide variety of programming and support to Gabriola’s large “senior” population. Take a look at the new siding the next time you drive by, or stop by and see what they’re doing inside. It’s impressive!

• The Gabriola Parent Advisory Council (PAC) - $3,500 – For the past two years the PAC has worked to create an outdoor teaching space at Gabriola Elementary. This year’s project was a living roof. Very appropriate for Gabriola! 

• GERTIE - $5,000 - GERTIE is a testament to the statement, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” After 3 years of dedicated volunteerism and the support of our community, Gabriola now has a public transit system. This donation goes towards replacing the bus fleet.

• Gabriola Nursery School - $1,500 - Around since 1975, generations of Gabriolas have been part of this parent participation pre-school. If you have a pre-schooler and don’t know anyone on Gabriola, join up. Guaranteed you will come out with friends for life. And your child will enjoy themselves too! 

• The HOPE Centre - $5,000 - The HOPE Centre offers a variety of programming for babies through to teens. This donation went towards replacing their aging furnace.

Are you part of a registered non-profit organization looking for project funding? 

Village Food Market is now accepting applications for participants for the 2017 Community Card program. 

We look for projects that help build community, that impact a wide variety of people and make Gabriola a better place for all of us to live. 

Program details and application are available at the Village Food Market web site, villagefoodmarket.ca.