$8,600 raised so far to get Adin Brenner to world championships

Mara Brenner

Submitted Article

Tuesday, August 25 2015

As of Day 14 of the GoFundMe campaign to help send Adin Brenner to the World Gymnastic Championships, $8,600 has been raised with 92 online donors - that’s an average of $70 each, which is huge as crowd funding goes. 

Also donated were 19 000 Aeroplan miles that were transferred to Adin for travel. The folks at Aeroplan charge two cents a mile to transfer so others decided to book him tickets directly to avoid that fee. Included here are a round trip ticket to Europe, another one-way ticket and two round trip tickets to the Nationals. Also on the flying front, Gulf Island Seaplanes will be flying Adin for half price.

Other creative donations include silent auction donations, even though there were no calls for this. So now there is a plan for one. If you would like to donate items to the silent auction just let me know.

Woodfire’s Sharon Hooton contacted me asking what Adin’s favourite food at Woodfire is. Starting this coming week they will be donating part proceeds from Chiopino sales to Adin.  

Kelly Field, bass player extraordinaire, is hosting a fundraising Jam night at the Skol on Sept. 19 and so far jammers include Kelly, David Botton, John Gresham, Chris Jans, Kathy McIntyre, Tina Jones, Corbin Keep, Stuart Davidson (a.k.a. Adin’s Dad), Andres Kahr, Jack Gibson and Lisa Webster Gibson.

There is sadly no funding from his sport until he’s older. Perhaps team sports are better this way or maybe it’s his sport...perhaps if he were ranked first in the country for his age in hockey it would be different. I don’t know.

As for help from the diabetes community, many individuals have stepped up with online donations and blog posts but the big companies purposes are in research and therefore they are busy doing their own fundraising. 

Thanks go out again to: The Gabriola Lions; Animas Canada; The Women of the Moose, Nanaimo Chapter; Derek and Sarah at the Sounder; April and Phillip Vannini for the beautiful video of Adin http://vimeo.com/135832222; Angie Thompson and Carly McMahon for helping me start the GoFundMe campaign when it seemed like too big a mountain to climb.

• The 336 people who have joined Adin’s Facebook page titled, “Help Send Adin Brenner to Worlds.”

• The 432 people who shared Adin’s GoFundMe page http://gofundme.com/f74vyh4vvw.

The other most common question is: when is the money needed?  We didn’t set out timelines with his campaign but now it’s time to say that if you’re planning to donate, sooner is better. Already, $3,000 has been spent on a training camp and as a down payment to the Worlds. 

Tickets to Portugal and then Denmark need to be booked ASAP and even with the flight donations there isn’t enough left over to get him to the new year. 

The beauty of crowd funding is in the sharing and forwarding of information. If you donate $10 it adds up to a lot more if you also share Facebook posts to your own page and forward links by email.