14-year-old Adin Brenner places 13th at Worlds in Denmark

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Wednesday, January 6 2016

Adin Brenner returned to Gabriola before the holidays, having placed 13th at the World Championships held in Denmark.

The 14 year-old was competing in trampoline gymnastics.

“It’s still going through my brain, it’s kind of crazy.”

As for where he finished, Brenner says, “thirteenth is pretty dang good. It was stressful. I was going for top 20, so I definitely hit my goal.”

Asked if there was anything he would do different, Brenner says, “Not take that step - one step was the difference.”

If a competitor takes an unintentional step, they lose half a point from each judge.

Brenner said if he hadn’t taken one step, he would have made it in to the final 8 - where everyone’s score is reset and they start with a clean slate. Competition at the top is tough.

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Aside from getting adjusted to the nine hour time difference and the travel-times between lodging and the competition - he also had to work on balancing his diet (he is an insulin-dependent diabetic).

“They had a lot of juice, I don’t do well with juice - there were lots of meats, carbs, fish, not a lot of vegetables.”

In order for Brenner to even get to Portugal and Denmark, friends and family fundraiser throughout the summer and fall of 2015, raising thousands of dollars in cash and donated travel.

To those who supported him, Brenner said, “Thank you so very much, we wouldn’t be able to do this without them.”

As for what it felt like to know Gabriola was behind him when he was competiting, Brenner said, “That feels really good - it felt like people really cared.”

His mother Mara said along with everyone she has thanked previously, she wanted in particular to thank Brenner’s coach Megan Conway from the Nanaimo Gymnastics School for everything she has done to prepare him.

Mara also thanked Chad Arsenault of Gabriola Chiropractic saying, “He was world class. He communicated with the Team Canada training staff for Adin, - he prepared him physically before we left. Saw him extra, at weird hours.”

In the immediate future, Brenner will continue to compete in a number of provincial competitions, possibly moving in to juniors.

He has been invited back to the BC Winter Games, to compete on the artistic side in rings.

The Canada Cup is in Kamloops and Nationals will be in Edmonton.

He’ll then be wrapping up the year preparing for and competing in the Indopacific Games in New Zealand.