490 lots remain undeveloped on Gabriola Island

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Wednesday, January 27 2021

Islands Trust staff reported this past week that there are 490 undeveloped lots left on Gabriola.

This includes 50 lots which are in the process of being approved as part of a subdivision.

This came as part of a report being prepared for the Gabriola Island Local Trust Committee (LTC) to update and modernize the build-out map for Gabriola.

Planner Sonja Zupanec is the lead planner on the project.

She was giving a verbal report on the progress of the project at the regular meeting of the LTC held on January 21.

While the new map and online access has not yet been approved for public release, Zupanec said she was able to say there are 490 empty lots left on Gabriola.

As the data for those 490 lots comes through the BC Assessor’s office, Zupanec said it would include lots which are currently going through the building/development process, but which do not yet have a home constructed on them.

She was asked if 

Dan Rogers, Chair of the Gabriola LTC, said he had looked into the population density of the gulf islands, and said currently, Gabriola has a population density 25% higher than Salt Spring Island. 

He said while the population of Gabriola is less than half that of Salt Spring’s; Salt Spring Island is 3.5 times larger in land area.

Rogers said seeing that, “it gave me a real understanding - what the build out, the vacant lots, it’s important to understand how development is going to impact the island.”

The public launching of the data and online map access will come after the LTC has a chance to approve it for release at the March 4 LTC meeting.