A Community Land Trust for Gabriola

Steven Earle

Gabriola Community Land Trust

Wednesday, April 3 2019

All Gabriolans are invited to attend a public meeting on Monday April 15th at 7:00 pm at the Commons to discuss the formation of a Gabriola Community Land Trust (CLT).  The Village Visioning process of 2016 identified the lack of community-owned land for civic purposes, and the Gabriola CLT is being formed in order to address this need for land that is owned by the community and will be made available for the benefit of the community. The organizers welcome your input at this meeting and encourage you to get involved. 

A CLT can receive land, by donation or purchase, and hold it without the speculation and inflation of the real estate market. This enables community groups to use this land for affordable community benefit. Proposals for land use can be brought to the CLT by community groups.  

Some of the benefits a CLT can provide our community are: land for co-op housing, areas for sustainable energy production, ensuring farmland is used and held in perpetuity, conservation of lands that are sensitive to development and important for the ecological services they provide, and small entrepreneurial startups that may include community-based organizations. The lands provided are held in perpetuity by the CLT so leases and rents are controlled and not subject to market influences.  

The structure of the Gabriola CLT, the makeup of the board, and ideas for land uses will be discussed at the meeting.  Once the organization is established, the key tasks in the first year will be to apply for charitable status and to develop criteria to evaluate proposals for use of community-owned land. Long-term leases will enable stable uses that can be sustained for many decades. 

We invite you to explore and get involved with your CLT by visiting our website at www.GabriolaCLT.ca and joining us on April 15.