Change for the better, over $1,400 donated through collection jars for skatepark

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Wednesday, October 10 2018

There has been well over $1,400 in the “change cans” donated to the Keep on Pushin’ campaign since the cans went out in the late spring.

There were also one US dollar and five British pounds donated.

And for the next month, the cans will be going into hiding.

Julie Sperber, Board Secretary for the Gabriola Skatepark Fundraising Association said, “Our intention all along was to pull the cans for the month of October, as we know these are the key weeks for the Gabriola Firefighters Association to raise monies towards the community’s bonfire and fireworks at the end of the month.

“We know Gabriolans contribute through the Firefighters’ gumboots every year, and we don’t want to be in conflict with that annual celebration.

“There are still plenty of ways to contribute to the skatepark fund, which is approaching the $25,000 mark out of our needed $72,000.

“Visit our Gofundme web site, find us on Facebook, or contact into the Sounder office in the Madrona complex and be put in touch with one of our board members.”