Correction: Trust Council has anchorage advocacy as priority; has not formally opposed anchorages in Trust area

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Wednesday, October 14 2015

A correction is needed to a story from page 3 of the September 22 Gabriola Sounder. Online version here.

The headline, and the first paragraph, stated the Islands Trust Council unanimously approved a resolution to oppose the anchorages proposed by the BC Chamber of Shipping (BCCS) by way of the Pacific Pilotage Authority (PPA) and Transport Canada off Gabriola’s northeast coastline.

Pamela Hafey with Islands Trust Communications contacted the Sounder to say the Council unanimously approved a resolution to include anchorage advocacy in the Trust’s Strategic Plan.

“We want to make that distinction very clear.”

She said the Trust is sensitive to the issue of being seen as anti-anchorage, as the Executive Committee has asked staff to host a meeting of stakeholders, including representatives from the PPA, in November.

Having the idea out in public that the Trust is anti-anchorage is making it difficult to convince stakeholders that there is a point to having a meeting.

“It impacts the working together message. We want to give everybody a chance to talk.”

The Trust Council hasn’t actually made a decision on whether it will oppose anchorages in the Trust Area.

Hafey said, “That may be a position Council takes down the road. But as of September, Trust Council did not take that position. 

“We want to have future discussions with stakeholders, shipping and residents.

“A whole bunch of people have been invited to this meeting and Council has put this [issue] as a priority for the strategic plan.”

The location of the meeting will likely be in Victoria, according to Hafey. Whether it is open to media or the general public was not available at press time.