Dog sitting bylaw could receive first reading this Thursday

Sounder News

Tuesday, October 20 2015

The Gabriola Local Trust Committee has deliberation of the ‘Dog Sitting’ bylaw on the agenda for the Trustee’s meeting this coming Thursday morning at the WI Hall.

A draft bylaw which could see “Dog Sitting” listed as a permitted home occupation could be given first reading if Trustees decide it meets their requests of staff.

The issue has stemmed from the lack of clarity within the Gabriola bylaws on the difference between a kennel and dog sitting - and a request from the public for the LTC to put something in place to allow dog sitting in private homes on Gabriola.

Staff, under the direction of Trustees, write that, “Home Occupations have a set of general provisions applicable to all activities designated as home occupations, and adding “dog sitting” to the list of permitted home occupations immediately regulates this activity in the same manner as other home occupations. 

“The following existing bylaw provisions in particular would offer regulations that could address concerns regarding noise, visual impacts, odour, and dog waste disposal.”

A limit is planned for number of dogs which would be permitted to be on the property at any one time - staff has recommended a limit of three to five dogs on the property at one time; this would include any dogs belonging to the dog sitter.

Rather than limiting dog sitting by lot size, staff has drafted Draft Bylaw No. 281 from the position that if the bylaw provisions concerning noise impact and the number of dogs permitted on a property are adequate, they will provide a more direct manner to mitigate the impacts of dog sitting than lot size.

The meeting is slated to begin at 10:15am at the WI Hall, with a town hall at 10:20.

Full agenda available at