Ferry line to be detoured up ferry hill while Taylor Bay is resurfaced

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Thursday, September 5 2019

Crews working for the Transportation Ministry have begun the resurfacing of roads on Gabriola - and one of the sections of road included in this contract is the section of Taylor Bay Road where the ferry line is.

Ministry staff have said that on the day(s) road crews are working on Taylor Bay Road, ferry traffic (specifically the ferry line) will need to be rerouted.

Staff did not have a specific date set for the Taylor Bay Road work.

The detour for the ferry line will be established up North Road, continuing onto South Road if necessary. 

According to Ministry staf, traffic control personnel will be at nearby intersections and at the ferry lineup. 

Detour signs will be in place and a pilot car will be used for traffic along Taylor Bay Road.

Staff said Taylor Bay Road and the ferry traffic line-up will only be affected for a few days while Taylor Bay Road is completed. 

The entire project should be completed around September 20, weather permitting. 

Staff said, “the ministry thanks Gabriola Island residents for their patience during this resurfacing work.”