Fire Chief asks District Fire Board for new roof on old Fire Hall #1

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Wednesday, August 21 2019

Fire Chief Rick Jackson requested the Board of the Gabriola Fire Protection Improvement District sign off on replacing the roof of the old Fire Hall #1.

This was at the August 7 meeting of the Fire District Board.

He said he had received an estimate that the replacement of the roof would cost $50,000.

He clarified that wasn’t a quote.

Bottom line, he said, “We either replace the roof, or tear it down.

“I think it’ll be more to tear down.”

He said the hall itself is in good enough shape that it will not fall down unless there’s an earthquake.

In keeping the hall, Jackson said, they would be maintaining it “for training and other potential purposes.”

Sandra Rudischer, Chair of the Fire District Board, said one of her concerns with keeping an old building is the maintenance and heating of it.

Jackson said the building is not going to be heated all the time. He alluded to there being another government body that might be interested in utilizing the space, but did not provide any more details.

“If that were to happen, they could take care of that aspect [the heating].

“I don’t see...a lot of money being put in to maintain it.”

Trustee Sean Lewis said that given Jackson is talking about “guestimates of $50,000,” and will be getting a more accurate quote, he suggested Jackson look into a quote for putting trusses and a slanted roof on the old hall, rather than replacing the roof with the same flat tar roof it has had.

Jackson said he wasn’t sure if that would be cheaper.

Lewis said, “I understand, but it’s worth looking at.”

Trustee Mark Noyon echoed Lewis, saying it would be worth asking the question if Jackson was going to get more accurate quotes.

Jackson said he did believe it needed to be done, and that it should be done in the summer before another winter of rains has a chance to fall on the current roof.

“We were patching it and patching it. The roof was last done in ’86 or ’85. We got our money’s worth.”