Gabriolans talk housing

Submitted by Steve Earle, on behalf of the Housing working Group

Wednesday, January 27 2021

Gabriolans are talking about housing, specifically about housing affordability and how that relates to other critical island issues. 

The conversation is being led by the Housing Working Group on behalf of the LTC’s Housing Advisory Planning Commission, which has a mandate to explore housing options and impacts on Gabriola Island.

Three interrelated topics are on the table. 

The current topic (see last week’s Sounder) is the need for affordable housing and how our bylaws may or may not allow us to make more housing available. Within three days of the launch on January 20th, more than 110 Gabriolans had responded. 

The survey is currently available on the website, with printouts at the Library.

The second topic (coming in next week’s Sounder) is about whether it is possible to create more housing while preserving biodiversity and protecting our water supply. The third (February 17th) is about the projections for population growth on Gabriola and what tools exist to responsibly manage that growth.

To help Gabriolans engage knowledgeably, the surveys are paired with background data and explanations of current regulations and policies that drive decision-making.  The website also features an innovative polling tool,, in which participants can consider ideas that have not been captured in the survey. 

The overall goal is to encourage respectful, meaningful, and informed discussions around housing on Gabriola. 

Your voice matters! 

The current survey, on housing affordability and diversity, closes at midnight Tuesday, February 2.