GIRO’s ongoing renovation

Michelle MacEwen, General Manager


Tuesday, March 31 2015

As some islanders may already be aware, GIRO is now undergoing a major renovation.

The idea is to add on and combine the Restore and Clothing, due to the structural failing of the existing clothing trailer. The wheels were set in motion by the previous GIRO board who applied for and received a $75,000 grant from a federal gas tax rebate. With these funds, GIRO set aside for renovations and improvements, and the board consulted with staff and volunteers to vision what the new building could look like. 

We decided to use the “clinic model” with volunteer labour, as key people had come forward to offer their services. Architrave gave building designs pro bono, and Graham MacDonald, who was the site manager for the clinic build was willing to be GIRO’s site manager. He is joined on site by Tim Mitchell, Tony Adamson, John Campbell and Gord Murison, with coffee breaks provided by Judith Madsen.

Architrave submitted the drawings to the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) for permitting in December 2014, and in January this year we sent a delegation to the RDN to apply for a grant-in-aid to help pay for the building permit. This was successful with a $1500 reduction in the permit cost. Since January we have rallied together tradespeople who were willing to help with the build. 

Arbutus Building Supplies are helping with materials, Stevos Roofing and Peter Jordison are willing to help with the roofing, Scotty the plumber with plumbing, Ted Ramey of Ramey Systems and Ron Slade with the electrical. 

The anticipated timeline for the build is seven months, and anyone who has visited the depot in the last month will have seen some temporary changes to accessing both the restore, and some extra legwork around the main building to get to the clothing trailer. 

Our aim is to update you regularly on how the build is progressing, or pay us a visit on Wednesdays and Saturdays to see how things are taking shape.

A timeline of the work so far:

Feb 9 - Gordy McDonald moved the shipping containers to clear the site.

Feb 15 - Curtis Smith from Island Tree Services cleared the site and then bucked up the wood. 

The Lions picked up the five cords of firewood which GIRO donated to the Lions Needy Family Firewood Program, with Somerset Excavation pulling stumps.

March 5 - Jerry Krull did the excavation.

March 9 - Forms for the footings went in.