Housing project Bylaw 293 going back to public hearing

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, February 13 2018

The Housing Options Review Project of the Local Trust Committee (LTC) will be coming back to a public hearing, to be held on March 1, 2018, when the LTC members will be holding their next regular meeting.

However, this will only be for proposed bylaw 293, which will amend the Gabriola Land Use Bylaw (LUB).

It will not be for proposed bylaw 292, which will amend the Gabriola Official Community Plan. Bylaw 292 was given approval by the Islands Trust Executive Committee, and is now being sent to the BC Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. If the Minister approves the bylaw, the LTC will be able to consider final adoption of 292.

Second reading of proposed 293, to amend the Land Use Bylaw, was rescinded at the January 18, 2018, meeting of the LTC. At the meeting, staff reported a need to clarify technical errors which were in previous draft versions of bylaw 293, including:

• deletion of Article B 6.3.1, which is the only provision in the Gabriola LUB which explicitly prohibits the rental of units on less than a monthly basis for monetary gain except where a TUP has been issued by the LTC.

• clarifying that once the proposed bylaw is passed, only one building accessory to the primary dwelling would be permitted to contain a toilet, bathroom or areas with equipment used for the preparation of food.

• clarifying that secondary suites within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) must be contained wholly within a building containing a single family dwelling and that secondary suites outside the ALR may be within a building containing a single family dwelling or in an accessory building.

The LTC meeting is scheduled to begin at 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, March 1, at the Gabriola Arts and Heritage Centre. The public hearing for proposed bylaw 293 will be held at 10:15, ahead of the regular LTC meeting.

For any of the public who wishes to, you can once again provide feedback to the LTC on proposed bylaw 293 (LUB), because it is no longer post public hearing.

However, feedback cannot be given on bylaw 292 (OCP), as it is post public hearing. Anyone wishing to provide further input on proposed bylaw 292 should do so through staff, not the elected trustees.

Staff said anyone in doubt as to whether they are speaking to the proposed OCP (292) or LUB (293) bylaws should provide the input and feedback directly to staff, or through the Islands Trust website. Staff can then work with members of the public to determine which bylaw the input would pertain to.

Staff also stated that once the public hearing is concluded on March 1, the LTC would be able to give further readings to proposed bylaw 293 during the regular LTC meeting on that same day. A staff report will be on the agenda for that regular meeting, with staff recommendations. The agenda for the regular LTC meeting on March 1 will be posted to the Islands Trust website on February 23.