Hydro bans power pole painting province wide

Sounder News

Thursday, September 19 2019

BC Hydro will longer allow power poles to be painted. The province-wide policy has been put in place after BC Hydro allowed a number of pilot projects - including one on Gabriola - to decorate power poles.

Ted Olynyk, BC Hydro’s Vancouver Island Manager of Communications, said Hydro is no longer permitting painting of its poles. 

“BC Hydro reviewed decorative pole painting from many perspectives and concluded that for a variety of operational and safety reasons we can no longer allow decorative painting of poles.

“If there is graffiti on poles, we ask it be reported by emailing graffiti@bchydro.com.”

Poles already painted, such as the ones on Gabriola’s Ferry Hill, will not be covered over, but will be replaced with unpainted poles when the need arises.

The poles on Gabriola were painted in the spring of 2012, through a project initiated by the Gabriola Arts Council.

Olynyk confirmed this past week that Hydro also had a long-standing policy in place prohibiting the placement of posters and signs on the poles, as they can interfere with equipment used by Hydro and other service providers.