January 2020 breaks precipitation records

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Wednesday, February 5 2020

January 2020 was a record setting month for rainfall according to Eric Boulton, who takes his measurements on his property on Peterson Road.

“This is the highest total of my 52 years of recording.”

On Boulton’s guage, nine inches (that’s over 220mm) of precipitation came down in January.

Only four years come close. 2018, 1997, 1968, and 1966 had over eight inches of rain during the month of January.

He said there he had measured 21mm on Jan 30 and 21mm again on Jan. 31. 

“So in 48 hours, that’s two inches of rain.”

Other than the few days of snowfall, Boulton said the bonus, “is that it has been very mild. 

“Basically we’re in a pineapple express that we’re enjoying, as long as the raining is not freezing.”

He acknowledged that some parts of the island might have received even more, or less, than what he’s recorded, depending on where people are measuring.

“Not everybody will enjoy the same weather that we have here at the farm. It may be more than that at the ferry - by two or three inches.”

Boulton said the long range forecast for the winter was for it to be warmer and drier than usual

“That was correct for the end of 2019, but January is flying in the face of that.”