Lineup and ferry camera shifting due to medically-assured spaces

Derek Kilbourn

Sounder News

Tuesday, July 4 2017

The Sounder had some inquiries recently about two things regarding the ferry lineup 

1. the new white lines at the front of the ferry lineup; 

2. the fact that the start of the ferry lineup is not visible from the first camera on the Gabriola Ferry Cam web site. 

Answers with the best information available to the Sounder as of press time.

1. The white lined area put at the start of the ferry lineup is for people with medically-assured loading paperwork.

Examples would be people going to Gabriola for time-sensitive medical treatments (dialysis, cancer treatments, et cetera) for whom being in the lineup ahead of time is not possible.

There are also medical staff (such as those taking medical samples back to Nanaimo); and home support workers who may be using those spaces as well, to give them maximum amount of patient time on Gabriola before heading back to Nanaimo.

This should not be confused with the TAP (Transportation Assistance Program) form, which is for a return trip to Gabriola from Nanaimo. 

Those with only TAP forms are not considered medically-assured for those spaces.

Anyone who believes they should be considered medically-assured should speak to their Gabriola doctor or the staff at the Community Clinic on Church Street to access the program.

More details are forthcoming from BC Ferries and the Gabriola Ferry Advisory Committee (FAC) as they are still working on the rollout of the spaces and the program.

Signage will be posted by the Transportation Ministry in the near future to let people know that is what the space is for.

2. For the first camera on the ferry cam site, Chris Boulsbee, representing the Lunch Bunch, said the volunteer organization responsible for the ferry cam is aware that the medically-assured spaces now mean ferry cam users can’t see the front of the lineup.

Plans are being put in place to adjust the cameras along ferry hill.

Boulsbee said the group knows having the camera on the ferry ramp is also valuable for people wanting to see if the ferry is arriving and unloading/loading.

As a volunteer-organization, the Lunch Bunch is dependent on it’s volunteers and donations to complete that work - no work is planned to change the ferry cam until after mid-August when the volunteers are all back on Gabriola.

Anyone wishing to donate either monies, labour, or equipment to the Lunch Bunch to help them continue what has become an very valued service on Gabriola, please contact Boulsbee.