MADD Canada, RCMP, and Gabriola local governments launch RID 911 Signs to Report Impaired Drivers

Gabriola RCMP

Press Release

Tuesday, December 22 2015

RID 911 – Report Impaired Drivers, Call 911, encourages citizens to call 911 to report suspected impaired drivers to police. This month, 3 road signs promoting the call 911 message have been installed in various locations throughout the community.   

RID 911 gives citizens an important way to help police take impaired drivers off our roads, and sends the message to impaired drivers that other motorists are watching and will report them to police,” said Angeliki Souranis, MADD Canada president. “Reporting suspected impaired drivers gives police the chance to stop those drivers before a potentially deadly crash occurs.”

The Campaign 911 message is simple: if you see a driver you suspect is impaired, note the make of the car, licence number, location and direction of travel, and call police. Information on the signs of a possible impaired driver is available on MADD Canada’s web site at

Every day, on average, four people are killed in impaired driving crashes and 174 are injured. Every one of these crashes is preventable. 

“The Gabriola Island RCMP continue to work towards improved road safety for Gabriolans. This partnership with MADD will help bring awareness and help the police remove impaired drivers from the streets,” says Cpl. Markus Müntener, Gabriola Detachment Commander.

“Since October Gabriola Island RCMP have removed 7 impaired drivers from Gabriola streets and the community will continue to see police roadblocks and impaired driving enforcement, especially over the Christmas holidays.”

Programs encouraging the public to call 911 to report suspected impaired drivers have been successful in communities around the country.  Comprehensive RID 911 programs with appropriate signage in good locations, along with education and awareness about the programs, increase calls to report impaired driving and increased charges resulting from 911 calls. 

Gabriola Island Trustees Heather O’Sullivan and Melanie Mamoser said they were very proud to partner with the RCMP and MADD Canada on this program and roll it out in Gabriola.

“It’s up to all of us, as a community, to keep our streets safe. Like the signs say, call 911 if you suspect someone is driving while intoxicated. That phone call could prevent an injury or save a life.”