Maple Ridge man charged for sexual assault on Gabriola

Cpl. Markus M√ľntener, Detachment Commander

Gabriola RCMP

Tuesday, December 15 2015

On August 8, 2015, at just past midnight, a female visiting Gabriola from out of town was enjoying an evening out with family and friends at the Skol Pub while watching some live music. During the course of the night it is alleged that a male, also from out of town, was acting inappropriately toward many of the female patrons and staff. Near closing time the female victim went into the female bathroom where it is alleged that this male followed her uninvited in to the room and aggressively sexually assaulted her. The victim immediately alerted friends and family resulting in the male suspect being confronted, forcing him to leave with two of his friends. After a lengthy investigation by Gabriola Island RCMP, through multiple witness statements, as well as the drafting of a judicial authorization, Kerry Davison, 55 years of age from Maple Ridge BC, has been charged with one count of sexual assault. Kerry Davison’s next court appearance is December 15, 2015, in Nanaimo.

Gabriola Island RCMP would like to commend the victim in this case for coming forward under difficult circumstances. It is well documented that many sexual assaults are not reported and as such many suspects are not charged and held to account for their actions. In this case there is information indicating that the accused allegedly has done this before, perhaps even that same evening to someone else. The definition of sexual assault according to the criminal code is, “A touching of a sexual nature without the consent of the complainant whereby the sexual integrity of the victim is violated.” It is clear that this definition has a wide range which in part explains why crimes on the lower end of the spectrum may not be reported.

The Gabriola Island RCMP ask that if there are any other victims related to that evening or otherwise who for whatever reason may not have reported the incident to police at the time, that they please come forward now and allow police to pursue a criminal investigation.

Pedestrian reflectors available at detachment

This past October, ICBC launched its annual pedestrian safety campaign with the BC Coroners Service, BC government and police to urge pedestrians and drivers to do their part to stay safe, as crashes involving pedestrians spike at this time of year.

Almost two times more pedestrians are injured in crashes from November to January compared to June to August as the weather changes and daylight hours decrease.

The top contributing factors attributed to drivers in crashes with pedestrians are: distraction, failure to yield the right of way, and weather. Drivers should take extra time to look for pedestrians before turning, avoid distractions and be ready to yield.

Pedestrians can help stay safe by making eye contact, wearing bright and reflective clothing, and staying focused on the road.

ICBC is distributing free safety reflectors and tips to pedestrians with the help of community policing volunteers and other local partners throughout BC.

Gabriola Island RCMP has a quantity of pedestrian reflectors which can be hung from clothing or backpacks to assist in being visible on the roads. 

The reflectors come from ICBC’s road safety coordinator and are free of charge and available at the detachment front counter during business hours.