Ministry announces changes for Barrett/North Rd intersection

Sounder News

Wednesday, August 14 2019

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) has released which improvements will be made to the intersection of Barrett and North Road to improve safety at that intersection.

Given the number of serious accidents which have occurred at that intersection in recent years, the Ministry conducted an engineering study on the intersection in June and July.

In every major incident at the intersection, a driver had either driven through the intersection from Barrett without stopping, or had stopped past the Barrett stop sign with their vehicle sticking out into the westbound lane of North Road.

This past week, media staff from MOTI said that the goal was to make the intersection as safe as possible for people travelling through the area.

According to the Ministry, the following recommendations have been made.

Upsizing the stop sign at Barrett and North Road to a freeway-sized standard; installing signs at a two-metre height so they are easier to see; painting of a stop bar at the sign; completing any required brushing which may affect the sightlines at the stop sign. Staff said the Ministry is working with its contractors to complete these initial recommendations immediately.  

“We will continue to closely monitor the intersection following these improvements, to monitor their effectiveness.”