MOTI commits to working with RDN on pedestrian improvements

Regional District of Nanaimo

Press Release

Tuesday, October 3 2017

On September 27, 2017, during the annual Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Convention, RDN Electoral Area Directors led by Chair Bill Veenhof, met with the Honourable Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI) to discuss the current challenges with urban pressures in a rural setting such as amenities and infrastructure for pedestrians including paths, sidewalks and trails within MOTI road allowances. Specific local areas mentioned in the meeting where improved connectivity and safe passage are needed included Coombs Market, Cedar, Fairwinds, Bowser and Gabriola Island.

“We were reassured by the Minister that we are not alone in the province with our concerns to improve active transportation connections within our community and she confirmed we will work together on this initiative moving forward,” said RDN Board Chair Bill Veenhof. “The Regional District of Nanaimo looks forward to working collaboratively with the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure in finding solutions for our region and others throughout BC.”

An example where the RDN would like to formally establish a roadside path is on Gabriola Island. The intention of this project, now known as Village Way, is to develop a path separate from the road that would improve overall connectivity as well as provide for safe pedestrian passage.   “Developing and approving Village Way is important for residents on Gabriola to safely connect to the village core,” shared RDN Area Director B Howard Houle. “To work together with MoTI to find a way to make this happen for our region is timely. It also closely aligns with one of our current strategic priorities to recognize community mobility and recreational amenities as core services.”